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Welcome to ECOWAS Gender Development Centre

Childcare Centre Administrators from Six PAPEV Countries have received training on techniques for listening to and supporting child victims of rights violations: They depart Bissau satisfied.

 After 3 days of discussion on the new techniques and styles for listening to and supporting child victims of rights violation, the training for childcare centre administrators ended this Thursday, June 30, 2022, in Bissau, Guinea Bissau. Among other recommendations that came out of the regional capacity building workshop was the participants wish for the establishment of a continuous training framework for them, and the creation of a permanent forum for discussion. It was a workshop was organised by the ECOWAS Commission, through its Gender Development Centre (EGDC), in partnership with the West Africa Regional Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR-WARO).Read ++


La CEDEAO et le HCDH forment les gestionnaires des centres d’accueil pour une meilleure prise en charge des enfants victimes de violation de leurs droits en Afrique de l’Ouest.


ECOWAS and UNDP Organize a Three-Day Regional Training Workshop on the Rollout and Implementation of the African Union Continental Results Framework on Women, Peace and Security for the ECOWAS Region.

The ECOWAS Gender Development Centre (EGDC), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme Regional Service Centre for Africa (UNDP-RSCA) and the AU-Office of the Special Envoy on WPS with the support of the Government of Canada, successfully opened a three days regional training workshop on Women, Peace and Security on 13th June 2022 in Accra, Ghana. The regional training, which brought together over 40 delegates from relevant ECOWAS Institutions, Directorates, Specialized Agencies, Member States and Network of regional CSOs,  aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of participants on the rollout and implementation of the African Union Continental Result Framework (AU-CRF) for Monitoring and Reporting on the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Africa and the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 and subsequent resolutions on Women, Peace and Security (WPS). The training also aims to enhance participants’ capacity on the development, implementation, monitoring and reporting on Action Plans on UNSCR 1325 on WPS.

The regional training is organized within the framework of a four-year regional project on Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Africa (2020-2024) funded by the Government of Canada. This project aims to strengthen the capacity of Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and other regional partners (CSOs) to have increased evidence-based knowledge and capacity to advocate for and support their member states to meet their commitments to gender equality and women’s empowerment in the context of achieving Agenda 2063.Read ++

Les Ministres en charge de la protection des enfants et des droits humains adoptent la Déclaration de Banjul pour des actions fortes en faveur des enfants victimes de violations de leurs droits.

La Commission de la CEDEAO par le biais de son Centre chargé du Développement du Genre (CCDG) et le Bureau Régional du Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies aux Droits de l’Homme (HCDH) ont organisé le jeudi 26 Mai 2022 à Banjul en Gambie, une Réunion de Haut niveau des Ministres en charge du Genre et de la Protection des Enfants et des Ministres en charge des droits humains. Ont pris part à cette rencontre, les Ministres des États membres de la CEDEAO, bénéficiaires du Projet d’Appui à la Protection des Enfants Victimes de Violations de leurs droits (PAPEV).

Cette réunion ministérielle a été officiellement lancée par S.E Alieu Badara JOOF, Vice-Président représentant S.E Adama BARROW, Président de la République de la Gambie en présence de la Commissaire Siga Fatima JAGNE en charge du Genre et des Affaires Sociales de la CEDEAO, des Ministres en charge du Genre de la Gambie, de la Guinée Bissau, du Niger et du Sénégal; du Secrétaire d’Etat aux Droits humains du Sénégal, de la Représentante Résidente de la CEDEAO en Gambie et des Représentants des Institutions partenaires (HCDH, UNICEF, Coopération Italienne, Nations Unies, Plan International etc.).Lire+

Implementation of the PAPEV Project: ECOWAS and UN HCHR organise a High-Level Meeting of Ministers responsible for the Protection of Child Rights.

 Within the framework of the Project to Support the Protection of Children Victims of Human Rights Violations (PAPEV), the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), through its Gender Development Centre (EGDC), and the West Africa Regional Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN HCHR), are organising a High-Level Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Child Protection and Gender and Ministers responsible for Human Rights of ECOWAS Member States covered by the PAPEV project.

The Ministerial Meeting which is on the theme “Assessment of Experiences on Transnational Collaboration in the fight against Child Trafficking, the example of the PAPEV project, and the implementation of strategies to support legislative processes for the protection of children victims of Human Rights Abuses and Violations in West Africa”, would be preceded by the meeting of Directors/Experts of Child Protection and Human Rights, scheduled to take place from 23th – 25th May 2022 in Banjul, The Gambia.


The PAPEV project is being funded by the Italian Development Cooperation and implemented by the UN HCHR and ECOWAS in six ECOWAS Member States, namely The Gambia, Guinée, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger and Senegal. The project aims to support the beneficiary member States to strengthen their national legal frameworks for the promotion of child rights, to facilitate access to child protection services for children victims of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation, and to strengthen collaboration and cooperation at the regional level on child protection.Read++


ECOWAS and the World Food Program (WFP) jointly celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 in Dakar.

 Gender equality today for a sustainable future” is the theme chosen by the United Nations for the celebration of International Women’s Day, IWD 2022. This theme aims to demonstrate the potential and achievements of women in action and resilience to climate change. It is also a call for reflection on how to advance women’s empowerment and promote sustainable and inclusive social and economic development through gender-transformative approaches and increased participation of women in leadership roles.(++++)


Date : 11th to 15th october 2021

Venue : Hôtel NOVOTEL DAKAR – Senegal

Women’s rights in the ECOWAS region: Experts and Ministers in charge of gender affairs are meeting to examine draft strategies to combat sexual and gender-based violence and sexual harassment.

The ECOWAS Centre for Gender Development (ECGD) is organizing from 11 to 13 October 2021 in Dakar, Senegal, an Experts’ Meeting, followed by a meeting of ECOWAS Ministers in charge of Gender and Women’s Affairs on 15 October 2021. The meeting focuses on the draft ECOWAS Regional Strategy for Preventing and Responding to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and on the ECOWAS Project on Sexual Harassment in Workplaces and Educational Institutions.

West Africa, like other countries worldwide, is experiencing a recurrence of sexual and gender-based violence in both private and public spaces. There has been a dramatic escalation of gender-based violence, particularly sexual violence perpetrated against women and girls during the COVID-19 pandemic, when travel restrictions and lockdowns were implemented.Read ++


 The ECOWAS Commission and the UNDP Regional Service Centre for Africa, based in Addis Ababa, are holding a joint Awareness Training Workshop for Staff of the ECOWAS Commission on Promoting Accountability for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) in the ECOWAS Commission through the Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions (GES-PI). The workshop will be held virtually on the 27th and 28th July 2021.

The workshop is being organised within the framework of the Regional Project on Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) in Africa, a four-year project that is being implemented by the UNDP Regional Service Centre for Africa, in collaboration with the Regional Economic Communities (RECs), including ECOWAS, and regional Civil Society Organisations. The goal of the project is to promote women leadership, representation and participation in decision making and women’s economic empowerment as well as improve the capacity of the RECs and CSOs to monitor the ratification, domestication and implementation of legal instruments on gender. It also aims to build the capacity of RECs to use an evidence-based approach to gender equality and women’s empowerment Read more

FAO, EGDC and Sida explore gender considerations in West Africa’s forestry sector


Gender equality is when women and men enjoy equal rights, opportunities and entitlements in civil and political
life. It seeks to address women’s specific needs and priorities and ensure equal opportunities in terms of access, control, participation and treatment, with consequent positive changes to
transform gender roles and promote equitable relationships between men and women (FAO, 2009).
What is gender equality?
The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region and its fifteen member countries represent a rich diversity of cultures, ethnic groups and ecosystems. The region’s biomes include the Upper Guinean rainforest along the southern coast, the drier inland areas of the savannah woodlands as well as the sparser dry forests of the Sahel. It can be difficult to make generalizations across such a diverse region, but there are several shared gender norms as well as common gender-related challenges in West Africa. This brief focuses on the disparities between women and men and girls and boys, specifically in the forestry sector.
This brief was produced under the project – “Global Transformation of Forests for People and Climate: a focus on West Africa” – and draws on a gender analysis conducted to inform and guide the
project implementation. Based on literature review and several key informant interviews, this brief presents findings related to gender and forestry which are common to the region. It also proposes
recommendations to address gender inequalities in the forestry secto. Read +++


COVID-19: ECOWAS and its Partners Organize Ministerial and Expert Meetings on Sexual and Gender-based Violence and Status of Girls’ and Women’s Rights.

The ECOWAS Gender Development Centre (EGDC) is organizing a regional meeting of Experts via videoconference, followed by a Ministerial meeting on: “Sexual and Gender-based Violence and the Status of Girls’ and Women’s Rights during the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond” from 5th to 9th October, 2020. This important meeting, organized in partnership with the NGOs Plan International, UNICEF, World Vision, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), brings together key stakeholders in the gender sector and the protection of women and girls from the 15 ECOWAS Member States. Read ++

Mise en œuvre du Projet PAPEV : la CEDEAO et ses partenaires appuient le Sénégal pour le rapatriement de plus de 150 enfants de rue vers leurs pays d’origine.

Dakar, le 29 septembre 2020 : Dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre du Projet d’Appui à la Protection des Enfants Victimes de la Violation de leurs droits en Afrique de l’Ouest financé par l’Agence pour la Coopération Italienne, la CEDEAO et le Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les Droits de l’Homme (HCDH) ont accompagné le Gouvernement du Sénégal dans une opération de rapatriement des enfants de rue. L’opération qui a démarré ce mardi 29 septembre 2020 à Dakar, a vu le départ d’une trentaine d’enfants d’origine gambienne vers leur pays d’origine. Read more



  1. On the auspicious occasion of the 45th anniversary of the founding of ECOWAS, which falls today 28th May, 2020, I am pleased to extend my sincere salutations to the builders of our Community. Thanks to their vision and dedicated efforts, our region can today pride itself on having achieved a free movement space spanning over 15 countries, an integrated economic market, and harmonized policies formulation mechanisms in all spheres.

  1. Our theme for this 45th anniversary is: “45 years of solidarity at the service of the peoples of West Africa”, supplemented by a first sub-theme which is about “Promoting socio-economic and human development, together through regional integration”; and a second one on “Combatting Covid19 together in West Africa”. It goes without saying that they resonate with this multi-dimensional vision of our Founding Fathers.  Read ++


Environ 300 Femmes Entrepreneures provenant des 36 Etats de la République Fédérale du Nigéria ont participé au lancement média officiel de la plateforme technologique « 50 Millions de Femmes Africaines ont la Parole (50MAWSP) ». Cette cérémonie de lancement a eu lieu dans la matinée du jeudi 20 février au Pavillon d’exhibition du Centre Internationale des Conférences d’Abuja.

Cet outil technologique de réseautage des femmes entrepreneures qui fonctionne simultanément comme un site internet et comme une application sur les téléphones portables, se veut être la plateforme continentale idéale pouvant centraliser toutes les informations financières et non financières de plusieurs Etats africains en vue de faciliter l’autonomisation et l’entreprenariat des femmes en Afrique. Il est financé par la Banque Africaine de Développement (BAD), et mis en œuvre en Afrique de l’Ouest par la Communauté Economique des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (CEDEAO) avec d’autres régions notamment le Marché Commun de l’Afrique Orientale et Australe (COMESA) et la Communauté des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Est (EAC). Lire ++


Dakar, le 30 janvier 2020. La mise en œuvre de la dimension régionale du Projet d’Appui à la Protection des Enfants Victimes de Violations de leurs droits (PAPEV) a officiellement démarré ce jeudi 30 janvier 2020 par la réunion de planification stratégique à la salle de conférence du Groupe Intergouvernemental d’Action contre le Blanchiment d’Argent en Afrique de l’Ouest (GIABA) à Dakar au Sénégal. La cérémonie d’ouverture de cette réunion a été présidée par le Docteur Bolanlé ADETOUN, Directrice du Centre de la CEDEAO pour le Développement du Genre (CCDG), représentant le Docteur Siga Fatima JAGNE, la Commissaire aux Affaires Sociales et Genre de la CEDEAO. Read more

COMESA, EAC and ECOWAS launch networking platform to connect 50 million African women in business

50 Million African Women Speak platform provides information on starting and growing a business, and has a social networking feature for women entrepreneurs to learn from and do business with each other



  Kigali, Monday, 25 November 2019 – A digital platform specifically designed to address the information needs of women in business and connect them via a custom-built social networking tool was launched today in Kigali, Rwanda.

The platform, known as 50 Million African Women Speak, was unveiled during the Global Gender Summit taking place in the Rwandan capital. It primarily seeks to help economically empower women by providing a one-stop shop for a wide range of financial and non-financial services that women need to start and grow successful businesses.

The initiative which is accessible at is implemented by the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), East African Community (EAC) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). It will allow women in 38 African countries to find information on running businesses, accessing financial services, create business opportunities online and access training resources, ultimately contributing to their economic empowerment. Read more++

Décès de Mme Aby Ndoye Bèye,

Le CCDG rend hommage à une militante des droits des femmes,  partie sur la pointe des pieds

C’est avec une profonde douleur et une très grande tristesse que nous avons appris ce 28 septembre 2019 le décès brutal de Mme Aby Ndoye Bèye, ancienne fonctionnaire du Centre de la CEDEAO pour le Développement du Genre (CCDG)

Membre de l’équipe pionnière chargée de la mise en place du CCDG,  Agence spécialisée de la CEDEAO  en matière d’égalité de Genre, Mme Bèye  a été de ceux qui ont marqué de façon indélébile l’histoire de cette jeune Institution née seulement en 2003.  Elle a non seulement contribué à sa naissance mais aussi accompagné ses premiers pas surtout dans un contexte où tout était à créer.

Mme Bèye, ouvrière de la première heure de l’édifice de la promotion de l’égalité de genre au Sénégal et infatigable  défenseure de la justice sociale et de l’intégration régionale, a su inscrire en lettres d’or son nom dans les annales du CCDG.

Nous gardons d’elle l’image de la femme  battante toujours prête à aller au front pour relever les défis et celle de  la femme infatigable portant en bandoulière  son triple rôle de professionnelle achevée, de mère attentionnée et d’activiste éclairée de la cause des femmes ; rôles qu’elle maniait avec harmonie et intelligence.

Un personnage multidimensionnel vient de s’éteindre hélas. Cependant elle laisse derrière elle un héritage qui est une véritable source d’inspiration pour la jeune génération en quête de repère.

Le CCDG présente ses plus sincères condoléances à la famille de Mme. Bèye.

Qu’Allah  le Tout Puissant  l’accueille dans son Paradis et lui accorde le repos éternel  –      AMEN


The ECOWAS Gender Development Centre (EGDC) was set up in January 2003 through Decision A/DEC 16/1/03 of the Conference of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government to provide ECOWAS with a specialized agency on gender and development. The Center is headed by a Director and is under the supervision of the Commissioner for Human Development and Gender of the ECOWAS Commission.

EGDC works to further gender equality and equity and is a Centre of Excellence where gender promotion activities for the ECOWAS region converge.


ECOWAS gender ministers to confer on women’s economic empowerment


Ministers in charge of Gender and Women Affairs of ECOWAS Member States are set to meet on the margins of the 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women, scheduled to hold in New York, the United States of America, from 13 to 24 March 2017. (more…)


In commemoration of the International Women’s Day celebrated annually on 8th March, ECOWAS is hereby invited to participate in the Second Edition of the International Women’s Colloquium organized by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Liberia. In tandem with this Colloquium, the ECOWAS Commissioner for Social and Gender Affairs, Dr Fatima Dia Sow, will meet with the President of Liberia and current Chairperson of ECOWAS, Her Excellency Mrs. Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson, in Monrovia, on 7th March 2017, to hand over a scroll with an inscription of a Declaration in her honour. (Read more)

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March 2017

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